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Technology Innovator

We are Xccelerata — your Technology Innovation Provider. We are your single source for innovation through the application of creative technology, business systemization and acceleration/scaling, and start-up incubation. We help all kinds of companies, ranging from Fortune 100 right down to technology start-ups, to grow through the creative use and application of cutting edge and proven technology. We also develop, market, scale, and grow their ideas and ventures into successful enterprises that create new value for people, companies, and institutions around the world.


Business Expansion, Integration and Optimization

We understand the complexities of large companies, and the challenges you face developing and implementing new ideas and technologies to expand, streamline, scale and optimize your business or division. We have the strategic and creative thinking, technology, domain knowledge, experience, partner ecosystem, and resources to successfully implement your vision.. Whatever your goals, you can rely on us to help you get there seamlessly without any surprises.

Business Incubation

Developing an innovative new idea into a business, or quickly scaling an existing business, needs an eclectic mix of good strategy, skilful marketing, scalable systems/technology, smart money, expert talent, a trusted ecosystem of partners, and experienced mentorship. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur with an innovative new idea, or are an existing business that needs help to scale and grow your business in North America and around the world, we can help you; because as an Xccelerata start-up, we invest in your success.

Our Solutions

We have a variety of Programs and Services to suit your needs regardless if you are a large company that is looking to streamline systemize and scale operations, expand, or entertain new ventures, or an existing business/start-up with a minimally viable product to bring to market, we have what you need.