Programs for Start-ups

Xccelerata Tech Investment Program

We know that technology is a core asset in a company’s ability to scale and grow rapidly. Our XTI Program invests in companies by developing technology to facilitate product development and the successful dissemination of the product into the marketplace.

Xccelerata Intellectual Property Program

We know the importance of the need to secure your intellectual property. We have developed a specific, cost effective program and ecosystem of trusted partners, around the process of acquiring patents, trademarks, and other legal entities needed to protect your intellectual property.

Xccelerata Growth Mentorship Program

Our XGM Program is designed to help and guide you in the development, implementation, or expansion of your idea or business. We provide an extensive network of industry and domain experts with the knowledge, application experience, and leadership to ensure your company’s success.

Xccelerata Partner Ecosystem Program

Our XPN Program is a network of talented and vetted individuals, companies and institutions that can support you with knowledge, expertise, products and services to complement your own in order to successfully launch, scale and grow your idea or business.

Xccelerata Talent Acquisition Program

There is nothing more important to a technology-based company than talented and motivated people to drive the business forward. Our XTA Program, through a discerning group of talent acquisition specialists, finds and attracts the right people to help to grow your fledgling or growing business into a successful global enterprise.

Xccelerata Customer Acquisition Program

We understand that customer acquisition is a fundamental of business development, and for continued growth. Central to this are effective marketing strategies, tools, and tactics, as well as continued product innovations and refinements. Our XCA Program is designed to help you develop and execute effective marketing strategies, and develop product innovations to drive continued customer acquisition, sales and profits.

Xccelerata Ongoing Support Program

We know that may start-up companies lack the resources for technology support. We offer a specific program to support your company today and eventually transition your company to a self-supporting capability.

Steps for Incubation of a Start-up Company