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What is StartRyt?

A fully integrated digital platform available across devices that allows Entrepreneurs to collaborate with Experts and Investors to validate and bring high potential ideas to life. It’s a platform which allows stakeholders to Start Right and then Do it Right!

Ideas (or solutions to challenges) come to all of us at some point in time, and are usually triggered by a challenging situation we have been subject to or a problem we witness around us. But how many of us really take the initiative to validate these ideas, and then further implement them? Self-doubt, lack of experience and a limit to the resources we have prevents us from taking these ideas ahead.

This needn’t be the case any more. The StartRyt platform provides simple and intuitive tools and an engaging environment for stakeholders to collaborate and bring ideas to life including:

  • A Diverse Pool of Industry Experts
  • All Categories of Investors and Investment Pools
  • “Quick Pitch” idea listing
  • Tools and guidance for creating an “Investor Pitch”
  • An in-built Ratings Mechanisms which allows Stakeholders to rate each other
  • Inherent capability for building work teams, communicating and voting

So let’s not waste any more time and get Started!